Our Philosophy

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Grupo Marta’s Philosophy

At Grupo Marta, we seek quality, specialization, and economies of scale in strategic areas that bring competitive advantages to our hospitality and service companies. As owners and operators, we understand the goals of our investors and operate to achieve them.

[iconbox icon=”ct-equalizer” title=”Approach and adherence to winning formulas”][/iconbox]
[iconbox icon=”ct-thumbs-up” title=”Qualified directors and collaborators”][/iconbox]
[iconbox icon=”ct-stats-2″ title=”Business leadership”][/iconbox]
[iconbox icon=”dr-user15″ title=”Organization and innovation”][/iconbox]
[iconbox icon=”ct-locked” title=”A cultivated culture of inclusion”][/iconbox]
[iconbox icon=”ct-bookmark” title=”Economic sustainability”][/iconbox]
[iconbox icon=”ct-popout-2″ title=”Positivity in relationships with partners and customers”][/iconbox]
[iconbox icon=”ct-shrink” title=”Market presence and reputation”][/iconbox]
[iconbox icon=”ct-plus-2″ title=”Economic scale”][/iconbox]
[iconbox icon=”ct-tree” title=”Use of expertise”][/iconbox]
[iconbox icon=”ct-heart” title=”Hospitality culture”][/iconbox]